When it comes to a more sustainable future, think "GREEN"

As we move into the new millennium, a lot comes to mind regarding our Mother Earth. Just how long can she last at the present rate of use? No one better than Al Gore has brought this delimma to our attention, and many scientists are backing him up.

JR's Remodeling is doing its part to ensure a more sustainable future for not only us, but also for our children, their children's children, and so on.

We subscribe to the standards set forth by LEED's, and at every juncture of our operations, we strive to choose non-toxic paints. We have the experience and skills to use natural paints and give you, "the client", a lasting coating system that is not only durable, but also beautiful at the same time.

Most painters have never used non-toxic paints, and some painters find them frustrating to use because of their unfamiliarity with the products. However, JR's Remodeling loves them! That's all we try to use, so we're experts at getting the job done right. Most non-toxic paint manufacturers recommend using our company for your Green projects.

Most people wouldn't associate the new latex paints with being toxic, but think again. They contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the form of biocides, which can include arsenic disulphide, formaldehyde, and ammonium compounds, to name a few. The action of sunlight on nitrous oxides and VOCs leads to the formation of ground level ozone, a long-range pollutant. Ozone can irritate the eyes and lungs, causing breathing difficulties, and may reduce resistance to infection. As a result, they impact on individual health and well-being, including personal allergic reactions. We don't know the long-range effects of these VOCs, but Congress is very mad at the way the Center for Disease Control handled the New Orleans living situation. Everyone living in trailers and mobile homes with high levels of VOCs had to be moved somewhere else. Think about it: "We can all work, learn and live in safer buildings, schools, and homes." It's a decision you must make, and in the long run, it's not that much more expensive to paint GREEN .
Your "GREEN" painter,
JR's Remodeling