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Our Unique Seven-Point Painting System

1) Personnel:
It all starts with our qualified and experienced painting mechanics. At JR's Remodeling, our mechanics are carefully chosen not only for their skill and experience, but also for their ability to meet our clients' needs.

2) Evaluation:
We carefully evaluate all surfaces to be painted as well as the surrounding environmental conditions that may impact the project. This allows us to properly assess your specific painting needs.

3) Protection:
All surfaces not being painted are meticuloulsy protected, and all efforts are made to contain dust and odor.

4) Preparation:
The correct preparation method is critical to this painting system. 90% of all paint failure is due to poor surface preparation. Our preparation methods assure a quality, long-lasting paint job.

5) Coating Selection:
We use only the highest quality materials and ensure the proper coating system is selected for each individual project.

6) Efficient Application:
Our state-of-the-art application techniques apply coatings quickly and efficiently while maintaining manufacturer's strict specifications.

7) Clean-up:
During each painting project, we take great care to maintain a neat work area, and we clean up after each working day. Upon completion, all areas are thoroughly cleaned, and debris is removed, leaving a clean and professionally painted area.

JR's Remodeling is the only choice for
ALL of your commercial painting needs!

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